Artcraft Sign Co.
This 12'-tall horse and rider piece was custom-fabricated. The image is the Wyoming Cowboys' logo.

Featured Project: Signs of the Wild West

This featured project comes to us from Denver’s Artcraft Sign Co., whose history in the Mile High City dates back into the late 1800s.

The Sachs-Lawlor Co. was founded in 1881, specializing in making rubber stamps, different types of signage, plaques and the like. Fast-forward to 1987, when Sachs-Lawlor bought out Artcraft Sign Co., which itself had been in business since 1927. The following year, Sachs-Lawlor bought Front Range Electrical Signs, and Artcraft became the full-service sign and graphics shop it is today.

The company operates out of a 55,000-square-foot UL-approved facility where it houses the latest in sign making equipment.

Here we see some signage the company did for the University of Wyoming, home of the Cowboys. That campus is in Laramie, Wyoming, about a two-hour drive north from Denver.

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