Advanced Kiosks makes interactive kiosks
This model of Advanced Kiosks stands almost 6' high and has a 32" touch screen.

Featured Project: In Sonora, Texas, Kiosks Create Instant Visitor Centers

Advanced Kiosks, a Concord, New Hampshire-based kiosk builder and kiosk software developer, recently assisted the small Texas town of Sonora in promoting its natural wonders to people passing through the small town of 3,000, located in south-central Texas just off Interstate 10.

According to a blog entry on the Advanced Kiosks website, it was a local businessman named David Smith, who served on the local economic development commission, who came up with the idea of giving travelers driving through on the highway a reason to stop and check out the sites in and around Sonora, including the beautiful Caverns of Sonora. 

Building and staffing a regular visitor center was not an option due to budget constraints, so Smith came up with the idea of having interactives kiosks to guide people. An internet search led him to Advanced Kiosks.

A group of local business people and organizations purchased three of Advanced Kiosks’ Merchant Max models, which stand almost 6’ high and have a 32” touchscreen. A local company, Frey Creative Media, was hired to design the layout of the screens and they are controlled by Advanced Kiosks’ own Zamock kiosk management software.

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