An authentic Jack Daniels whiskey barrel and a real copper still were used as adornments on the sign.

Featured Project: Still on Top

Jay Lang of 3 Rivers Sign LLC in Pittsburgh created this project for Rum Runners saloon in nearby Wexford, Pennsylvania. The project was designed by Lang and Samantha Syiek, and was fabricated by John Halligan. The project took more than 120 hours to complete.

“Our client gave us a base design—pen on napkin—of a still and tubing above,” Lang says. “We built the sign design and presented it to our client. Once we were at the final stage for the design, we re-built the sign in a 3D program for our final presentation. 

“The actual sign is comprised of an authentic copper whiskey still and an oak Jack Daniels whiskey barrel provided by the client. We cleaned and clear coated the still and barrel and used 2.5” flexible metal conduit-painted copper to connect the two. The ‘dilapidated’ brick was built to look as if it was deteriorating. Real brick and mortar were used.

“Between the brick and the still are three strands of LED lighting, braided yellow, red and orange.  These 120v LED rope lights plug into a music box that separates bass, treble and mid tones to turn each color on when each tone triggers the power source. This color reflection on the still gives the impression of a fire burning below the still. We used 8” square tubing for the legs, a 4’ x 8’ ¼” steel plate with radius edges for the top plate, and all stainless hardware. Everything was powder-coated basic black. We installed a 50” x 100” double-sided iCandi-LED 10mm outdoor series electronic sign along with internally illuminated LED channel letters. The sign stands 20’ high, ground to top, and is 8’ wide. The foundation is 12’ long, 3’ deep and 8’ wide, reinforced with a lot of rebar and steel meshing. We used 12 cubic yards of concrete for that foundation.”

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