The new center-hung display will be ready for the start of the 2019-2020 winter sports seasons.

Featured Project: Taking the Arena Scoreboard to the Next Level

Purchase, New York-based ANC, a designer, integrator, operator and creator of content for video display systems for stadiums, arenas and other entertainment facilities, announce the coming of what the company calls “the most technologically advanced arena scoreboard in the world.”

The Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, home to that city’s National Hockey League Flyers and the 76ers of the National Basketball Association, will be the site for the installation of what the company says is the world’s first Kinetic, 4K, center-hung scoreboard.

ANC says the system is currently in development and will be installed for the start of the clubs’ 2019-2020 seasons. The company says the new Kinetic 4K system features 65% more LED screen real estate than the Wells Fargo Center’s current center-hung model and an “unprecedented” ability to transform and be configured in a variety of formats to best highlight the action below.

Complementing the center-hung display are two massive crown trusses designed to create a captivating experience with multi-directional movement. “Never before has an arena scoreboard had the ability to extend and compress 4mm LED technology in such an adaptive manner,” ANC says.

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