Fusioncast makes plaques to honor the 125th anniversary of the Stanley Cup
Plaques such as this one went up outside the Canadian Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto

Featured Project: Tribute to a Country’s National Sport

Ontario, Canada-based FusionCast, an engineered cast-metal sign manufacturer, participated in the commemoration of the 125th anniversary of the Stanley Cup and the 101st anniversary of the National Hockey League in 2008.

FusionCast worked with the Canadian Hockey Hall of Fame to create the signs marking several displays of hockey artifacts, which were viewed just outside of the Hockey Hall of Fame in downtown Toronto. The displays contained artifacts from Canada’s top hockey teams and were a part of the Canadian Hockey Hall of Fame’s Stanley Cup 125th anniversary tribute.

The sign featured a gold hockey player on a black background with his hockey stick pulled back as if he was about to shoot. The company says the contrast between the dark background and the gold hockey player helped details like the hockey puck and the uniform to stand out, while the jagged lines behind the hockey player indicate movement.

The silver trophy was originally donated by Lord Stanley of Preston, the then-governor general of Canada, as a prize that Canadian hockey teams would compete for. The cup is now one of the most recognized sports symbols in the world.

The company says the signs were made using FusionCast’s patent-pending plaque process, which “fuses” metal with high-density urethane (HDU) resulting in a cold casting process that it says is not only more environmentally friendly than traditional metal foundry techniques, but also more cost-effective.

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