MadWraps of Madison, Wisconsin
MadWraps has been serving the Madison, Wisconsin, region for nearly 20 years.

Featured Project: Utilitarian Vehicles Can Look Sharp Too

Here at WRAPS central in Colorado, we’re a bit dismayed to see schoolkids returning to their concrete learning bunkers this early in August—it’s not even late summer! Don’t short them on summer, we say! Anyway, we were reminded of “back to school” time when we found these spiffy Fabik Skidsteers decked out by MadWraps of Madison, Wisconsin. These workhorses were wrapped for the University of Wisconsin—Madison is the home of the Badgers—and they will be looking good as they’re digging up things around campus.
MadWraps specializes in wraps, window tint and PPF, and all types of interior graphics. Nearly 20 years in the game, their slogan is “Don’t Get a Bad Wrap—Get a Mad Wrap.”

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