The wrap is an interesting combination of graphic design and effective use of window film.

Featured Project: This Wrap Strikes Just the Right Chord

This featured project comes to us from Music City USA—Nashville, Tennessee, home of the Grand Old Opry, the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum and—we at WRAPS central believe—more guitar-shaped swimming pools than anywhere else in the world. It’s actually Madison, a Nashville suburb, that is the home of Twisted Concepts, a wrap shop launched in 2014. While the shop’s relatively new the staff are veterans, says graphic designer and installer Josh Delaney, who’s been in the business himself for more than 20 years. While the shop does a limited amount of signage, Twisted Concepts really excels at wraps, Delaney says, and its location means a fair amount of celebrity work. For example, the shop’s done all of John Rich’s—of Big & Rich—tour buses, as well as wraps for singer-songwriter Jewell. And there are always music videos being filmed in the area, Delaney says, which often leads to other work. This job from the fall of 2018 may not carry celebrity status but it does shine a spotlight on the quality of work they’re doing at Twisted Concepts.

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