Formetco Integrates with Adomni to Ease of Out-Of-Home Advertising Buys

Duluth, Georgia-based Formetco Inc., a maker of LED billboards, electronic screens, billboards and video displays, announces that it has integrated its new enterprise software system, F360 CMS, with Adomni’s demand side platform (DSP).

Las Vegas-based Adomni is an online advertising platform that sells placement of digital out-of-home advertising. Now, the nationwide inventory of digital screens that make up the International Billboard Operator network is now available to Adomni’s advertiser base, including national brands, agencies and hyperlocal buyers. With F360, independent operators can access a wide array of new buyers that would be difficult to reach, the companies say.

Evolving from the IBO Fusion initiative, of which Formetco is a part, the F360 software allows multiple DSPs to connect and compete to drive new programmatic revenue.  Additionally, operators can take advantage of modern tools and technology that in the past has been cost prohibitive. This new offering is expected to drive up operator revenues while at the same time giving them access to the IBO COOP Marketplace.

Formetco’s vice president of sales, Jock Gibb, says, “Opening up the tools to make OOH easy to buy is not only good for the independent operators, but the entire OOH industry. We think the days of an operator using one player dedicated to one buying platform (which excludes most all others) is a thing of the past.”

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