Franklin Imaging Expands Offerings with Truepress Jet2500UV

When successful Columbus, Ohio-based print provider Franklin Imaging acquired a Truepress Jet2500UV printer from Screen USA in December last year, the idea was to upgrade from its first direct-to-substrate flatbed printer. The firm researched printing systems that could reduce turnaround times and improve quality.

In addition to reduced turnaround times, however, the firm also discovered that it could now offer new and unique graphic products to customers. In addition to printing onto roll-fed paper, vinyl film, banners and textiles, the Truepress Jet2500UV also handles acrylic, glass, plywood and aluminum. Soon they discovered that the printer had also opened up new channels of revenue with their traditional customers.

One area that has taken off for the 40-employee firm involves using the Truepress Jet2500UV to print multiple layers of ink to achieve different special effects. The Truepress Jet2500UV prints up to seven image layers without feeding the media a second time through the machine.

“Multilayer printing is an important feature for us,” Williamson said. “Designers and ad agency clients are promoting this capability to their customers. There is a lot of interest in double-sided window clings. Printing multiple layers of ink, including white ink, on clear substrates allows us to produce double-sided window clings with no show-through.”

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