GableSigns Rebrands as Gable

Baltimore-based GableSigns, a manufacturer of signs, digital displays, audio-visual and media and lighting solutions, announces that it is rebranding simply to “Gable, a visual solutions company.”

The company says its original name no longer best represents the company as it is today. As its clients’ needs have changed and technology has become such a large part of the sign industry, Gable has evolved along with it to work with clients throughout the country on projects such as the Cobo Center in Detroit; the Simon Property Group’s projects from New York to California; Tampa International Airport in Florida; the Georgia Convention Center in Atlanta; Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore; Macy’s in Herald Square in New York City; JACK Entertainment throughout the Midwest; Verizon Destination Stores in the U.S.; and UNIQLO locations in the U.S.

The company says its ability to help its clients attract, connect and engage people through effective visual solutions has also played a role in its growth and helped it attract Fortune 500 companies and large, global brands such Starbucks, the United States Postal Service and Universal Studios.

“Our new direction is simple and clear,” says Paul Gable, the company’s founder and CEO. “We’re combining our 36 years of creativity and craftsmanship in the traditional sign industry with the new era of advanced digital technology and visual communications for the built world.”

With its new name, tagline and logo, the rebrand brings all of its products and services together and sends a positive, forward-thinking message to its customers and potential customers, the company says.

“We have grown beyond the traditional signage company we started as,” says Gable, who founded the company in 1980. “This rebranding represents an important step to better communicate our value proposition.”


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