Signmojo Announces Winner of Third Annual Charity Contest

Giving Back: Signmojo Announces Winner of Third Annual Charity Contest

Chattanooga, Tennessee-based Signmojo, a provider of architectural and ADA signage for offices, apartment complexes, restaurants, and other general workplaces, announces that after all of the votes were tallied, it was the HealthWell Foundation that was the winner in its third annual charity contest.

Each year for a month around the holiday season, Signmojo announces five charities it has targeted to receive a donation and its customers and the general public vote on which of the five they would like to receive the biggest donation.

The Maryland-based HealthWell Foundation provides financial assistance to underinsured Americans living with chronic and life-altering conditions, such as cancer, ALS, and Hepatitis C.

Receiving 46% of the nearly 2,100 votes cast, Hopewell’s first place finish means it will receive a Signmojo donation of $5,000.

The other participating charities, which will all receive a $1,000 donation, were the Florida-based National Pediatric Cancer Foundation; the Florida-based Leukemia & Lymphoma Society; the Florida-based Wounded Warrior Project; and Chicago-based Prevent Blindness.

Signmojo congratulates the HealthWell Foundation and all the other nominees who agreed to participate.

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