GPA Undergoes Major Rebranding campaign

Chicago-based specialty substrate manufacturer GPA announces that it has undergone a major rebranding campaign that includes a new website and logo.

The company’s new web address is

“Today, the company reveals the next step in their evolution with a bold vision that reflects their growth and progress to date,” GPA says in its announcement. “By redesigning their brand experience around their vision, GPA plans to grow their business and brand value while creating a strong identity with a clear voice. In turn, this will allow them to engage more deeply with a wider audience. 

“With its rapid technological advancements, the printing industry thrives on innovation, growth and change, and clients need to continually adapt to stay competitive. With this in mind, GPA strengthens (its) status as innovation facilitators with iconic branding that conveys the future course of the company. This distinctive brand experience was also designed to attract, engage and entertain clients, and is expressed throughout every step of the customer journey. As a result, clients and partners will be ready to respond to market changes, increase their value and grow their businesses with GPA’s agility and streamlined services.” 

The company says that the most obvious difference for customers may be the new logo, having retired the one it has used for the past 20-plus years. The company is also introducing a new tag line, “surfacing change.”

“In addition to the logotype, this initiative is expressed through new brand tools that help foster effective client collaborations, including a new website, swatchbook, brochure, and product catalogs. GPA is also introducing streamlined product brands, expanded social media, a redesigned trade show presence, and other reimagined collateral, such as bespoke sample envelopes to provide a unique customer experience,” the company says.

GPA joined the Fedrigoni Group, a large Italy-based paper manufacturing group, in 2015. GPA says that along with its rebranding, its new focus as an innovation facilitator aligns the company with the Global Fedrigoni Group, allowing the overall group to service additional markets by providing a wider range of quality products. 

GPA partnered with the London-based studio acanforaDesign on the rebrand.

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