Heat Transfer Warehouse to Again Participate in Startup Weekend

Fargo, North Dakota-based Heat Transfer Warehouse, a distributor of heat transfer materials, announces its support of the entrepreneurs of its community by sponsoring Startup Weekend Fargo 2017 March 3-5 at North Dakota State University.

Hosted in cities nationwide, the annual startup weekend is an international team event designed for exploring new ideas and making them come to life, Heat Transfer Warehouse owner and CEO Kirk Anton says. Friday, March 3, creative individuals will gather together in participating cities and form teams, working throughout the weekend to actualize business pitches—ideas for new companies, apps, innovative processes and more.

“What’s cool about (the event) is that people are thrown together and over time—from Friday to Sunday night—they go from a design to a complete concept and business plan,” Anton says.

It’s not strictly focused on any one industry, he says, but rather a way for those from a cross-section of industries to learn from each other, whether it’s getting new ideas for marketing or learning about innovative ways to reach customers or test out new markets.

“It’s so fun because it gets your mind thinking and energized by the people and ideas,” Anton says.

For the past three years, Heat Transfer Warehouse has sponsored Startup Weekend Fargo in two ways: donating money to individual participants who don’t necessarily have the means to pay the $150 entry fee; and providing custom apparel to the winning team to represent their newly-created startup. Anton also serves as an adviser to teams as needed for the duration of the weekend-long event.

The company’s participation serves to further reflect its core values, Anton says, adding, “Our focus is helping the community and supporting people starting new things.”

Startup Weekend Fargo is just one of the many events Heat Transfer Warehouse hosts to benefit several community initiatives, including its upcoming Giving Hearts Day as well as its active participation in the Adopt-A-School program at a local elementary school.

“We think Fargo is a really great place,” Anton boasts. “The more we invest in our community, the better it will be.”

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