Idealliance Adds ISO/PAS 15339 to Digital Press System Certification Program

The Alexandria, Virginia-based International Digital Enterprise Alliance, better known as Idealliance, announces the addition of the Idealliance ISO/PAS 15339 System Certification to the Idealliance Digital Press System Certification Program.

The new certification will evaluate device output according to global specifications of color reproduction. It will allow manufacturers of digital press systems to demonstrate the capability of their presses to print to a variety of color spaces specified by the characterized reference printing conditions of ISO/PAS 15339.

According to Idealliance, completion of both Idealliance Digital System Certification—electrophotographic or inkjet—along with ISO/PAS 15339 system certification, is the most comprehensive device certification available for Digital Press OEMs to evaluate the full gamut of device print quality capabilities including repeatability, registration, tonal reproduction accuracy, durability, and uniformity.

“Existing certified systems are strongly encouraged to expand their digital press system certification to include ISO/PAS 15339 System Certification,” Idealliance says in its statement, adding: “Pricing for these certifications is set at a low price point in order for OEMs to certify their full range of presses providing both global distinction and evaluation benchmarks.”

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