Idealliance G7 Certification and Training Opportunity at EFI Connect

The Alexandria, Virginia-based International Digital Enterprise Alliance, better known as Idealliance, announces that it will be conducting a G7 certification and training course, hosted by Fremont, California-based EFI, at the EFI Connect conference Jan. 23-24 in Las Vegas.

Attendees can attain G7 Expert or G7 Professional certification through this exclusive two-day training coordinated with EFI Connect, including in-depth demonstrations, live G7 press and proof application, hands-on practical experience, and leading global print standards implementation featuring the latest EFI print technology and solutions for the print supply chain. Registration also includes full access to EFI Connect.

G7 Expert Trainer Don Hutcheson will lead instruction and demonstration covering G7 methodology, implementation, and strategies developed to maintain the highest possible process control and color management consistency and fidelity for alignment across any print technology. Open to the public, attendees will gain extensive knowledge of G7 methodology through hands-on practical experience, discussion, and extensive review to gain certification as G7 Experts or G7 Professionals.

To register click here. For more information on EFI Connect, click here.

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