iDigital Media Gets Taxi-Top Ad Contract from Department of For-Hire Vehicles

Washington D.C.-based iDigital Media Group, which specializes in taxi top advertising, announces its collaboration with the Department of For-Hire Vehicles, a city government entity in the nation’s capital, to develop, operate and maintain a citywide taxicab rooftop advertising program. Through this joint effort, iDigital Media Group will gain access to a fleet of more than 4,500 taxis throughout Washington D.C.

iDigital’s technology uses 42-inch, two-sided LED digital billboards, called iDigital Taxi Tops, which achieve more consumer engagement than similar television advertising, according to independent research firm Next Century Media.

According to the company, not only can ads run when and where wanted but the advertiser receives a report detailing that information. Stock updates, traffic reports, time and temperature, football scores and even basic news headlines—any content broadcast on a digital sign can be broadcast to iDigital Taxi Tops throughout its iDigital network, the company says.

“We are thrilled to be chosen by DFHV as one of the advertising partners for its taxi top program,” says Sidney Shelton, CEO of iDigital Media Group. "iDigital Media Group is committed to bringing its clients the most effective and innovative advertising tools the industry has to offer, and this is another example of how we plan on making that happen.”

iDigital’s options include running static advertisement when the taxi is traveling a pre-defined location and targeted advertising via GPS, allowing for micro-targeting down to the city block or zip code as needed by the advertiser.

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