JCDecaux North America and Neustar Partner on Audience Analytics

JCDecaux North America, a division of the Paris-based digital outdoor advertising company, announces a partnership with Sterling, Virginia-based Neustar Inc., a company that provides real-time information and analytics for a variety of industries, including the advertising world.

Under the partnership, Neustar’s customer intelligence and activation solutions will be used to provide, according to the two companies, “unprecedented out-of-home media analysis based on granular consumer attributes and behaviors.” JCDecaux will be able to tap into Neustar’s “geographic opportunity analysis” to identify areas and activities where out of home communications would be most relevant.

Neustar says it has access to more than 20,000 audience profiles, ranging from psychographic and behavioral to attitudes, preferences, buying patterns, interests and media usage, and more. Neustar combines customer history data with consumer demographics and behavioral data to create audience groups that are unique to a business, channel and product. In addition to using the syndicated profiles available, JCDecaux can create custom audience definitions utilizing any combination of syndicated profiles—including both residential and workplace views—which shine a new light on where specific audiences work and live, hence allowing for ultra-targeted advertising.

“Advertising works best when it is relevant, meaningful, and measurable,” says Julie Fleischer, vice president of product marketing for Neustar. “Out-of-Home has always been a powerful medium for brands, but in the digital age, it requires the targeting and accountability brands demand. Now, with our partnership, JCDecaux will be able to bring the same audience segmentation capabilities that brands have come to expect in online media, to OOH media on city streets, and more.”

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