Kodak partners with other companies on an ink specifically for fabric printing applications

Kodak Partners with ColDesi and Others on Direct-to-Garment Inks

Rochester, New York-based Eastman Kodak Co. partners with ColDesi, Digital Ink Sciences, Resolute DTG, among others, in the release of its first ink for fabric applications, Kodak KODACOLOR Fabric Inks. 

The company's media and public relations specialist, Kevin Rhoney, says, “Kodak has a rich history in inkjet dating back many years, and we recognize digital customization of printed fabric as an important emerging trend. Our recently announced direct-to-garment inks are the first in a series of fabric printing inks that we will be introducing in the coming year.”

According to the company, the inks are unique because they leverage “proprietary ink dispersion technology with a 20-year history of ink development” and manufacturing. 

Digital Ink Sciences' business development manager Grant FrenchColin Marsh of Resolute DTG, and the president of ColDesi, Scott Colman, affirm that all parties are pleased with the test performance and stability of the KODACOLOR inks. 

Kodak has been producing and selling digital inks for thermal piezo and continuous inkjet systems since the 1990s. The company notes that “customization of fabrics for garments, accessories, upholstery, soft signage is growing,” and such growth opens up an opportunity for Kodak.

Kodak brand, film and imaging division president, Eric-Yves Mahe, says, "We are proud of our strong history of innovation and excellence in the key technologies needed to produce what we believe are superior fabric inks, and we are excited to bring these inks to the direct-to-garment and wide-format printer industry."

Kodak plans to offer the KODACOLOR Fabric Inks in all major markets by the end of 2019.

For more information, visit the Kodak KODACOLOR Fabric Inks webpage. 

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