Kornit's Vulcan system is set for a third quarter release.

Kornit’s ‘Vulcan’ System to Take Center Stage at Open House

Mequon, Wisconsin-based Kornit Digital North America, a manufacturing company focused on digital textile printing, announces it is hosting an open house dedicated to industrial-grade direct-to-garment printing and textile mass customization.

The two-week event will be from July 11-29 at the company’s North American facility in Mequon, just north of Milwaukee. It will be the first time that Kornit has shown its new Vulcan printing system in the U.S.

The company says its Vulcan system is a digital platform that rivals screen printing for mid-to-long runs due to its extraordinary speed and ink efficiency. Compared to the company’s current systems, Vulcan users can reduce the cost per print by up to 40 percent. Kornit’s new direct-to-garment flagship will be the fastest direct-to-garment printing system on the market, capable of producing up to 250 high quality garments per hour, with dark and light garments printed at the same speed. The Vulcan will produce excellent photorealistic quality, featuring 60 new-generation print-heads with an advanced recirculating ink system in a six-color-plus-white configuration. It also features a new and unique method for the garment transportation during the printing process. The system caters for multiple print sizes and configurations with a maximum print size of 27.5” x 39.5”.

Like all other Kornit systems, the Vulcan was developed around the company’s unique NeoPigment patented printing process. Kornit’s own water-based inks work on a variety of fibers—natural, man-made and blends—and allow for inline-pretreatment. For the new system, the ink will be shipped in 4-liter bottles. After printing, garments are cured with a standard hot-air dryer. The inks are Oeko-Tex 100 certified and GOTS pre-approved.

Aside from demos from the Vulcan and the company’s other lines of direct-to-garment printers, the open house will host manufacturing brands, garment decorators, screen printers, e-commerce businesses and promotional goods manufacturers.

Interested participants should register under the “events” section on the website at www.kornit.com.

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