A proposal to enlarge this billboard and convert it to digital has led to a lawsuit in Phoenix (photo by Nathan Thrash for DowntownDevil.com).

Lawsuit Filed Over Proposed Rehab of Phoenix Billboard

The redevelopment of what locals consider a historic neighborhood often causes conflict in cities all across the U.S. But in Phoenix, a lawsuit has been filed over what some might consider the gentrification of a single billboard.

“There are plenty of areas around Phoenix where there are digital signs,” says a patron of a local craft brewery located near the billboard. “Leave this one alone.”

At issue is whether the owner of the billboard in the Garfield neighborhood of downtown Phoenix should be allowed to convert it from a single-sided static printed sign into a double-sided LED-lit digital sign.

The original request was turned down but a subsequent city board overturned that denial, leading to a lawsuit against the city filed by several groups that claim the request will hurt the historic nature of the neighborhood. Read reporter Kara Carlson’s account in the Downtown Devil—a publication which covers downtown Phoenix—by clicking HERE

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