Marlin Granted Patent for Digital Signage System Feature

Wallingford, Connecticut-based The Marlin Co., a digital signage company—originally founded in 1913—that now focuses exclusively on the workplace environment, announces that it has been granted a new patent for its enterprise communication feature.

Marlin provides electronic message boards designed to inform, engage and motivate employees. The company says that they are commonly used in places where employees congregate, such as breakrooms, cafeterias, etc.

The new patent enables companies to distribute content across the company and create an organizational structure that allows for unique access by defined users or groups. The company says that by interacting with the organizational structure, a user can quickly and easily manage the distribution of content and the user permissions. Users have the flexibility to send messages to all locations, while at the same time posting content to unique locations or groups. By assigning permissions at the local or departmental level, screens at those locations will display content that matters most, the company says.

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