Mega Photoshop Backlit Application

Digital photo-realist artist Bert Monroy recently showed his masterpiece mural, “Times Square,” at the recent event in Las Vegas.

The presentation, sponsored by wide-format printer maker Epson, was printed on Epson equipment and media.

The hyperrealistic 25’ x 5’ digital mural (all drawn by hand in Photoshop), is a 180-degree panorama of New York City’s Times Square that features incredible detail and required for years for the artist to complete. The image was constructed using hundreds of thousands of Photoshop, layers and the file, once assembled, was several terabytes. A much smaller, flattened file was used to produce the final print. The backlit mural displayed at the show was printed using an Epson Stylus Pro 11880 64” printer and Epson DisplayTrans Backlight Media.

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