MessageWrap Deployed at Grocery Stores

Retail grocery giant Supervalu recently deployed a new, patented, custom-printed antimicrobial checkstand belt cover called MessageWrap at all of its Jewel Osco stores in the Chicago metro and surrounding areas.

The 180-store MessageWrap installation seeks to promote the brand’s new “Gotta Love Lower Prices” campaign. Combined with other innovative in-store signage and multiple TV spots, vivid MessageWrap is a perfect capstone for the campaign touting Jewel Osco’s lower prices on everyday merchandise. Every single customer who checks out is sure to see the engaging artwork on each checkstand belt. This is the largest MessageWrap campaign to date, as the patented shopper marketing innovation picks up steam as a new and powerful way for retailers and brand advertisers to connect with shoppers.

MessageWrap combines captivating graphics and messages that foster shopper engagement, providing an endless array of shopper marketing possibilities. The custom-printed checkstand belt cover wraps are an eye-catching way to deliver a retailer’s brand point of view while aligning with individual CPG partner and supplier shopper marketing campaigns.

MessageWrap is coated with GoodArmorTM, an antimicrobial solution that helps prevent the spread of contaminants from grocery products and shopper contact. The coating makes MessageWrap more hygienic than traditional checkstand belts.

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