Miller Weldmaster Promotes New Sales Manager

Navarre, Ohio-based vinyl welding equipment manufacturer Miller Weldmaster name James Nute as its new sales manager for its alternative distribution department.

Nute, hired by Diamond Springs, California-based Miller Weldmaster West Coast, will be responsible for sales and service in the company’s eastern U.S. sales territory as well as implementing sales and marketing of the Sinclair Equipment product line, which Miller Weldmaster purchased last year, into the new company.

Nute had been with Sinclair for more than 20 years in both domestic and international sales, marketing and advertising. He has been involved in two of the company’s major products since their inception: He was there at the launch of the Triad Wedge Welder, and he assisted in the launch of the Spec Wedge Welder product line in Europe and Asia.

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