Mind’s Eye Graphics and Atkinson Consulting Host 'WorkFlow Optimization' Workshop

Decatur, Indiana-based Mind’s Eye Graphics (MEG), which provides contract screen printing and technical training, and Atkinson Consulting get together for a “WorkFlow Optimization Workshop” Thursday–Saturday, April 11–13. The three-day course uses a mix of classroom instruction, including hands-on learning, to teach shop owners how to enhance their workflow for efficient production and scheduling.  

Topics covered include work order, receiving, scheduling, quality control, screen room practices, staging, post-production, shipping, and customer pickup.  

According to the website, all MEG workshops "provide a productive environment where education, knowledge, and networking are brought together alongside MEG’s famous BBQ."

The schedule for the workshop is as follows:

Thursday, April 11: 6–8 p.m.: Meet and greet

If attendees arrive early, they're welcome to join MEG for pizza and to get to know the participants and network.

April 12: 8:00 a.m.: Registration and workshop

Lunch and dinner are provided by MEG, featuring a BBQ dinner. 

April 13: 8:00 a.m.: Workshop continues until noon

Lunch is provided. The afternoon is dedicated to Q&A and is optional for those who need to leave.

This workshop is held at Mind’s Eye Graphics in Decatur, Indiana.

For a full description of the workshop, as well as travel information click on the blue PDF box below.  

For more information and to register, click here.

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