Mutoh America Inc. Launches Recycling Program

In an effort to reduce its carbon footprint, wide format printer manufacturer Mutoh America, Phoenix, launches a new ink cartridge recycling program. Effective immediately, Mutoh printer owners are encouraged to send their empty ink cartridges to Mutoh America’s corporate office. Once received, Mutoh will then transport the ink cartridges to a local recycling company. In addition to the recycling program, Mutoh has begun making 1000ml ink bags, which are more eco-friendly than a smaller, plastic cartridge. The bigger bag size is easier to recycle and produces less waste.

“I am pleased to announce our ink cartridge recycling program,” shares Brian Phipps, general manager of Mutoh America. “Unfortunately, most ink cartridges end up in the trash after they have been used. We, at Mutoh, are making an effort to reduce the amount of waste that these ink cartridges cause by taking a proactive step in the green direction.”

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