Mvix Adds 150-Plus Business Data Sources to its Software

Sterling, Virginia-based Mvix, makers of digital signage, video walls and interactive displays, announces the launch of a data integrations portal with more than 150 business data sources and integrations.

The portal, which lives within the Mvix digital signage software, includes data sources such as Salesforce, Google Analytics, HubSpot, MySQL, Quickbooks, Shopify, Netsuite and more. Using data from these business tools, users can create charts and dashboards to display KPIs (key performance indicators) and performance on digital signage screens.

Within the data integrations portal, Mvix users first add their data sources such Google Analytics or any of the ones mentioned above. Having all of this data in one place centralizes business data, creating what Mvix calls “a single source of truth” for the business.

Using a smart builder, the data is used to create custom reports and charts showing performance metrics and KPIs. The charts can be grouped together to create dashboards. Dashboards can help teams better understand and visualize key metrics that will help their business grow faster. The dashboards are then deployed to digital signage screens to keep large teams in sync and inspire focus. Since the dashboard display is auto-updated anytime the data changes at the source, the on-screen content is always fresh and relevant.

“The Mvix data integrations portal houses core business data in one place. Blending insights and data from business apps like Google Analytics, Quickbooks, Facebook, Excel and many others will truly establish a data-driven culture and accelerate growth,” says Mike Kilian, senior director of business development. “When easily seen on digital signage screens, performance metrics and KPIs will be at your teams fingertips and always on their mind.”

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