NanoLumens and Navori Labs Partner on Digital Signage Networks

Atlanta-based NanoLumens and Switzerland-based Navori Labs announce that they are forming a partnership to accelerate and monetize the rollout of digital signage networks.

NanoLumens, which makes custom-built LED displays for use in a variety of markets, says it will pair its products with Navori Labs’ QL digital signage engine to better support each others’ growing customer bases worldwide. The non-exclusive partnership establishes a unified strategy to deliver complete, integrated high-end hardware and software solutions to end users and systems integrators that addresses all supply and service needs up front—and provides the foundation to quickly deploy, scale and monetize the networks.

Nathan Remmes, vice president of corporate development for NanoLumens, says he believes that the partnership signifies a new direction for providing better and more comprehensive customer service for digital signage end users and integrators.

“The audio-visual and digital signage industries are increasingly seeing the cream of the crop come together to create complete solutions, and provide customers with a better experience,” says Remmes. “It’s similar to what the IT industry went through 20 years ago, accelerating away from a large pool of disparate hardware and software vendors and toward a more unified strategy. Working with Navori Labs, we can more effectively promote the future of digital signage and provide better ownership at the end user level; as well as complete, customized packages for integrators to accelerate deployments.”

The recently established partnership is already making inroads in the retail, gaming and event venue markets, the companies say, including an advertising-supported network in a large Midwest convention center. According to Remmes, NanoLumens suggested the end user replace an in-house built CMS that was plagued by service interruptions, slow loading times and inconsistent screen refreshes. The migration to Navori Labs QL software eliminated network downtime and, through that company’s new targeted advertising module, quickly put the end user on a path to network monetization. 

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