Canadian Neon Artist Switches Gears
Next time you're in Almonte, Ontario, you know where to stop.

News from the Field: Canadian Neon Artist Switches Gears

This News From the Field item is an interesting tale from CBC Radio-Canada about a neon sign maker, Scott Adamson, who was so overwhelmed by keeping up with demand for his signs that he decided to put the brakes on and open up the Gaslight Café & Sign Gallery In Almonte, Ontario, a small town southwest of Ottowa.

On their website, which they opened in a former antique shop, they describe their place as, “Vibrant neon art, jukebox tunes, a hot coffee, a cold beer, comfort food, the warm afternoon sun, good friends and good humour. A place for visitors and locals alike. A gallery without pretension and a café that feels like home.”

Click here to read the CBC’s story.

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