Nielsen Study Finds Airports Ideal Advertising Venues

A study commissioned by Clear Channel Outdoor Americas, one of the largest out-of-home advertising companies in the country, finds that airports are an ideal venue for reaching consumers and business travelers.

Nielsen, a consumer marketing research firm, conducted the study. It found that nearly 60 percent of business and leisure travelers equate airport advertising with high-quality brands and products. More than three-quarters of leisure and business travelers say they’ve noticed airport digital ads, with more than one-third of travelers confirming they’ve visited a website or used an app as a result of seeing such advertising.

The study also learned what products and services people want to learn more about when they see an ad in an airport. Electronics, including cameras and televisions, topped the list at about 60 percent; followed closely by hotel and travel services at 58 percent. Business frequent flyers—64 percent of them—wanted most to learn about travel amenities and services; and 73 percent of business and consumer travelers said they were interested in physically interacting with technology products such as laptops, tablets and smartphones through experiential opportunities in the airport.

According to Clear Channel Airports, a division of the company, the results confirm its strategy of forming more airport partnerships. It also comes on the heels of the company announcing several high-traffic-airport concession partnerships, including those at Atlanta-Hartsfield International; Chicago O’Hare; Denver International Airport; Dulles International; and Ronald Reagan Washington National. In all, Clear Channel has 121 U.S. airport media contracts.


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