Women in impoverished countries use donated fabric from M25 Ministries to sew and proudly display items of clothing. Donated fabric from Orbus will be used similarly.

Orbus Launches Partnership with Global Recycling Ministry

Woodridge, Illinois-based trade show display and exhibit manufacture Orbus Exhibit & Display Group announces its recent partnership with Cincinnati-based international humanitarian group Matthew 25: Ministries. The company says the partnership furthers Orbus’ environmental protection and recycling efforts while it also helps provide resources for those less fortunate.

Matthew 25: Ministries is an international humanitarian aid and disaster relief organization that is focused around fulfilling Matthew 25:34-40 of the New Testament by providing nutritional food to the hungry, clean water to the thirsty, clothing to the naked, affordable shelter to the homeless, medical care to the ill and humanitarian supplies to those in need. The charity also places an emphasis on educating the public on the conditions and needs of the poorest of the poor and providing resources for action.

To pursue its mission, Matthew 25: Ministries rescues and reuses excess products from corporations and manufacturers, with these product donations becoming the building blocks that encourage individuals to help themselves and make their lives and their communities more sustainable. Each year, the nonprofit rescues and reuses approximately 15 million pounds of corporate discontinues, misprints, overruns, off-spec, slightly damaged, returned and past-season products each year and redistributes them to people in need throughout the U.S. and worldwide.

It was Orbus’ fabric supplier, Aberdeen Fabrics of North Carolina, that referred the company to Matthew 25: Ministries, when the need arose for Orbus to find a way to productively remove scrap fabric from its Las Vegas facility. With more than 13 tons of recyclable fabric coming out of the Las Vegas facility in 2015 alone, an opportunity arose to keep the fabric out of landfills and put it to good use. To begin, Orbus donated a truckload of scrap fabric to Matthew 25: Ministries, and plans for regular donations as the companies move into 2017.

Matthew 25: Ministries takes donated fabric, such as that from Orbus, and distributes it to partners for use in vocational schools, where participants develop marketable skills; to organizations that encourage women to create clothing or other fabric-based items that can be sold for income; and to sewing circles or community groups where quilts, blankets, curtains, clothing and more are created. The majority of fabric donated to Matthew 25: Ministries is shipped internationally, with some being donated to domestic partners.

“Matthew 25: Ministries is very grateful for the developing fabric donation partnership with Orbus,” says Mark Stehlin, part of the corporate donations and disaster response teams at Matthew 25: Ministries. “We are thrilled that the company is helping those in need to further their lives, as well as those of their families, through the simple donation of fabric that is no longer needed.”

The benefits from Orbus’ partnership with Matthew 25: Ministries are twofold—the company is able to adhere to its ISO 14001:2008 standard for recycling and environmental protection through the donation of fabric that would have otherwise been sent to a landfill, while simultaneously participating in a worldwide effort to enhance and increase the quality of life for those less fortunate.

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