Peerless-AV and BrightSign Partner on All-in-One Kiosk

Aurora, Illinois-based Peerless-AV, a maker of audio-visual, digital signage and mounting products that serve the indoor and outdoor electric sign industries, announces its new BrightSign-powered All-in-One Kiosk.

BrightSign is a Los Gatos, California-based digital signage media player company.

The All-in-One Kiosk has an integrated 55” commercial LCD display that offers a six-point touchscreen, full high-definition 1080p60 single video decoding, HTML support and networked content playback. Other features include interactivity via the GPIO port, remote snapshot, live text, media feeds and multi-zone. The kiosk is powered by a BrightSign built-in digital signage module.

According to the companies, the kiosk is designed for a variety of uses, including wayfinding, entertainment and digital merchandising and applications include retailers, hotels and corporate environments.

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