PIA Develops Inkjet Test Form

Graphic arts trade association Printing Industries of America (PIA), Pittsburgh, announce its new 20” × 40” Wide-Format Inkjet Test Form—a new test form designed exclusively for evaluating inkjet printing equipment. The test form is comprised of 18 test elements developed specifically to help printers gauge the performance of wide-format inkjet devices.

Companies can use the form to generate color management profiles to improve a device's color output, and also help printers compare the print capabilities of various wide-format inkjet devices so that the work can be directed to the right equipment. In addition, users will be able to more easily spot and correct problems that might otherwise create waste and customer complaints.

A unique feature of the form is the Open Designation Region. Two 8.5” × 12.5” areas are left open so the user can add their own choice of color management images, ink and substrate targets, artwork, and client-specific images. Several free images and targets are included with the form for that purpose, including the IT8/74 target, ECI 2002 target, Printing Industries of America Photo Montage, and the Color Conversion Swatch Target. For more information, visit www.printing.org/digitaltestforms.

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