Principal LED Announces Roll-Out of New Catalog

San Angelo, Texas-based LED signage module manufacturer Principal LED announces the roll-out of its new catalog for summer 2018, filled with new part numbers. Other catalog updates include new universal power supplies (20W, 36W, and 96W/24V); new Qwik Boxes; and QM Colors Green & Blue.

You can click HERE to view the new catalog in PDF form.

Principal LED also announces a new webinar focused on the company’s new Quik Boxes—which now come in two sizes—as well as information on its latest universal power supplies (20W, 36W, and 96W/24V). The webinar takes place Wednesday, July 25, at 2 p.m. Central, 3 p.m. Eastern and noon Pacific time. To learn how to sign up for the webinar contact the company HERE.

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