Printing on Water?

Printing on waterRussia-based Sun Innovations Co., the manufacturer of the NEO UV-LED line of wide format printers, Sunflower solvent and UV inks—who had previously claimed that its NEO UV-LED Evolution model could print onto “anything except water”—now says that, after some experimenting, it has developed the technology of printing on a water surface.

The technology water-printing capability was demonstrated to print industry experts on the 12th International Outdoor Advertising Trade Fair "SIGN Istanbul" in Turkey, held 25-28 November, where SUN Innovations Company represented the engineering capability of the printers and its nanoink technology.

How can it be possible? Oleg Markov, an expert at Sun Innovations explains: “Due to interfacial tension on the border of water division (surface tension of water—about 72 dyn/cm—and the surface tension of nanoink—28-29 dyn/cm), ink in the form of thin liquid film stays on the surface of water. When the ink is cured by UV-LED light, the image transforms into a polymeric film, which also stays on the surface of water due to the difference of densities and adhesion.”

Applications of photo printing on water are not clear yet, but the fact that it’s possible to print onto a liquid surface has now been established.

The NEO UV-LED Evolution printer is the designed to print for a wide range of surfaces including glass, tile, wood, mirrors, plastics, stone, textile, ceramic tiles, leather and more.

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