RPI to host G7 Training and Certification at its Atlanta Facility in March

RPI, a global print services provider with U.S. Atlanta and Seattle and one in Europe in The Netherlands, is partnering with the Alexandria, Virginia-based International Digital Enterprise Alliance, better known as Idealliance, on G7 training.

Registration is now open for this three-day in-depth training session, which will take place Tuesday, March 5, to Thursday, March 7.

Led by Ron Ellis, G7 Expert Trainer, chair of Idealliance’s Print Properties and Colorimetric Council, global brand expert and consultant, and active participant in global print standards, this three-day training event will cover a multitude of print application including digital print, color management, process control, implementation, optimization featuring live demonstration of applying and maintaining the G7 methodology in production for printing and proofing. Currently being revised into the ISO 12647-2 Standard, G7 is Idealliance’s global industry-leading set of specifications for achieving gray balance and is the driving force for achieving visual similarity across all print processes. The G7 methodology is designed to align all print technologies for visual consistency, process and quality control, and color workflow management.

This G7 Training session is open to the public for participants to achieve G7 Expert and G7 Professional Certification. Training will include demonstration of G7 implementation, process control and alignment across multiple print technologies including digital, large format, and proofing. Participants must register online at Idealliance.org prior to attending.

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