Samsung Announces UK Distribution Agreement with Crystal Display Systems

Global electronics giant Samsung announces a partnership with UK-based Crystal Display Systems, a supplier of display and interactive touch components, to create a “displays partnership” in large-format TFT—thin film transistor—LCD displays.

Samsung’s trademarked thin film transistor technology is a variant of liquid crystal display technology. Under this partnership, Crystal Display Systems will be selling all of Samsung’s Public Information Displays—PIDs—which the company claims provide the highest quality and reliability. To supplement the displays, Crystal Display Solutions offers interface cards that serve as plug-and-go solutions to easily plug into a PC to drive the LCD panels.

The companies say the partnership will mean customers no longer have to purchase fully enclosed monitors and put them into their own housing, but rather can now purchase the display and/or interface kit and build them into a custom-built housing, creating a much more suitable design for long term reliability.

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