San Diego Padres Use Wrapify to Goose Game Attendance

San Diego Padres Use Wrapify to Goose Game Attendance

The recent online edition of Ad Exchanger has an interesting article about the benefits of advertising through wraps by an unlikely client: a major league baseball team.

Author Allison Schiff details how the San Diego Padres’ chief marketing officer decided to pair up with San Diego-based Wrapify, a company that pays drivers to have their cars wrapped and turned into mobile billboards.

Wrapify partners with companies such as New York-based Mira, which provides real-time audience analytics for out-of-home advertisers by reading mobile devices. Those devices are then cross-checked to see if they responded to a particular advertisement. In the Padres’ case, they had vehicles wrapped with the face of their newest player—and one of the highest-paid players in the game—Manny Machado, who the Padres signed to a 10-year contract in the off-season worth $300 million.

As Schiff notes in her article, the ads worked, generating additional revenue for the club and drawing added attention to the team. Click here to read about it.

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