Montreal Neon hosted students during the 2017 Sign Manufacturing Day.

Sign Companies: Interested in Helping Students Learn About Your Profession?

An upcoming webinar on Wednesday, May 16, is geared toward helping sign companies who would like to learn what they need to do to be a facility host for Sign Manufacturing Day, which this year is Friday, October 5.

Last year more than 3,700 students—and potential employees—participated in Sign Manufacturing Day, with 62 companies hosting events at 67 locations.

The annual event, coming up on its sixth year, is held throughout the U.S. and Canada and is designed to expose interested students to the sign, graphics and visual communications industry and get them thinking about a possible career.

Companies are invited to play host to students on that day and they may find that some interested community members might want to join the tour to learn about the various processes involved in sign manufacturing.

The webinar is aimed at helping interested companies get the background and tools they will need to host a successful event. Past hosts will be part of the presentation to share their experiences and offer their own tips.

Alison Kent of the International Sign Association will be the host, and there is no charge to participate. The webinar is May 16 at 2 p.m. Easter, 11 a.m. Pacific. To register, click HERE.

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