The Signage of the Future? Not Likely …

There’s a new type of sign at one of the Forever 21 stores in New York City: the “thread screen” display.

The retailer commissioned the display from New York City-based Breakfast, a cutting-edge sign and display shop. What their creative team came up with is quite ingenious, and, in the opinion of us here at SDG central, totally impractical. But if the intent of the retailer was to attract attention (of course it was) and if the intent of Breakfast was to prove they could blow people’s minds by inventing something that had never been done before (they did), then it’s safe to say the project has succeeded fabulously.

Click HERE to read Gizmodo’s article about this 2,000-pound machine that uses 6,400 spools of thread and thousands of moving parts to recreate images. Click HERE to watch a behind-the-scenes video on the making of this modern marvel.

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