Signagelive Platform Updated for BrightSign Media Players

Signagelive, UK-based providers of a cloud-based digital signage platform as well as software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology, announces that it recently deployed a new interactive kiosk mode feature for all BrightSign Series 3 and Series 4 players, as well as for Bluefin’s BrightSign Built-In solutions.

BrightSign is a media player manufacturer based in Los Gatos, California.

The update—which is being pushed to all Signagelive administrators and is available for use by all its licensees at no charge—allows users to configure any BrightSign device connected to a single-touch touchscreen to be used as a kiosk. When the BrightSign player is not being interacted with, it will play the scheduled content from Signagelive as a normal Signagelive media player. When a user interacts with the touchscreen, the player will trigger the content that is published to an “interrupt”—this can be a web page or widget. Once the user has stopped interacting with the screen, the player will revert to the scheduled content until the next interaction.

To ensure the solution is suitable for retail kiosk applications such as in-store product catalogue or ordering screens, data such as usernames and passwords are cleared between sessions to further protect the security of users’ personal information.

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