SignStix Launches New Windows Player Module

UK-based SignStix, a cloud-based digital engagement platform enabling organizations to create, edit, manage and deploy digital content, announces a new player module that will allow Windows-based hardware to act as a content delivery mechanism.

The company says that unlike the current SignStix Player hardware, the Windows player module is provided to SignStix clients free of charge.

The new module means that existing PC-based infrastructures, including Desktop, POS hardware, video walls and Windows-based tablets, will be fully supported.

SignStix recently used the new Windows module to deliver a 52.5-square-meter (172-square-foot) video wall in TK Maxx’s new flagship store in Munich. The display—10 meters (32 feet) high and spanning four floors— is an integral feature of what is the biggest TK Maxx store in Europe.

Aside from retail, SignStix’s Windows module opens up possibilities for the corporate, healthcare, education and banking sectors, according to the company. For example, it includes the ability to run signage as a screensaver on Desktop PCs, which the company says will enable fast and easy corporate communications across global-sized workforces at the click of a button.

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