Sustainable Green Printing Partnership Announces 2018 Board Members

The Sayville, New York-based Sustainable Green Printing Partnership, a nonprofit organization that provides sustainability certification in the graphics communication industry, announces its executive committee and new board of directors for 2018.

Jodi Sawyer, the market development manager of FLEXcon, where she’s been since 1989, is the SGP’s chair for 2018. Other members of the executive committee are: Jonathan Graham, chair of the SGP Foundation; Paul Glynn, chair-elect; Doreen Monteleone, treasurer; Marcia Kinter, secretary and chair, technical committee; and Libra Balian, chair, SGP Brand Leaders.

“I look forward to leading SGP at this very dynamic and exciting time in our development,” says Sawyer. “Sustainability is becoming a critical part of the printing industry’s future and SGP certification is reaching greater levels of respect and attention. With the 10th anniversary of SGP coming up in 2018, this will be a key year for SGP to educate and inform the industry and its customer on the advantages of sustainable print.”

The remaining members of the 2018 SGP board are:

George Fuchs; George Glisan; John Heaney; Gary Jones; Lou Liotta; Nicole Papadakis; Francis Poirier, Jr.; Joe Stapley; Maureen Tholen; and Brett Thompson.

The nonprofit says that for 2018, it anticipates having more than 100 certified sustainable printers and continuing its drive toward a fully sustainable future for the print industry.

In addition to certifying printers, who must comply with rigorous environmental best practices, the organization conducts conferences, seminars, academic studies, and sharing sessions to help print manufacturers and print buyers create sustainable supply chains.

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