Tip of the Week: Converting Color Images to B&W

Black and White and Perfect All Over - Photoshop has several features that convert color images to black and white to produce the perfect monochrome.

By Stephen Romaniello (Digital Graphics, November, 2008)

Large scale monochromatic prints can be a stunning way to present your message.

Black and white images might suggest a past time and place when all photographs were without color. They can evoke a cinematic film noir-like drama with hard contrasts and dark shadows, or they can portray a misty, dream-like quality in a picture. The absence of color can be a real asset in helping to emphasize other pictorial characteristics, such as form and tonality, and can heighten the impact of the image content.

Converting a color photograph into a monochromatic image is a snap with any of several Photoshop CS3’s features; however, producing the perfect monochromatic image is more of an art than a science and requires a keen eye, a sensitive hand and the awareness of how best to utilize tonal relationships.

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