Tip of the Week: Effective Hiring Practices

Hiring Tips: Narrowing the Field
Find the right lead sales personnel.
By Scott Hoyt, (Sign & Digital Graphics, July, 2009)

In today's economy, finding the right lead sales personnel to generate printed output revenue is made all the more difficult by the great number of those currently unemployed. However, if you are the one who is hiring, having more to choose from does not translate to a higher breed of talent for less money. Here are some tips for narrowing the field:

Avoid The Journeyman!

The all-too typical story: ”Candidate “X” has worked the printed output sales circuit for five companies in the last 10 years, has perfect excuses as to why he or she parted each company and expresses a desire to hang his or her hat with one company for the next 10 years. Not going to happen! In the print-for-pay business, loyalty means everything. With a journeyman, you risk the hired gun running off with most of your clients to the next station stop on the sales circuit, with or without a non-compete agreement in place.

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