Tip of the Week: Fabricating a Monument Sign

Master sign builder details restaurant project
By John Yarnell, from Sign Business magazine

When customers walk through the door of Classic Design Studio, one of us will get up, walk over and greet him or her. It’s kind of like stepping up to the plate for the team. Sometimes you know what kind of pitch you will be looking at, but most of the time you just have to see what is thrown at you. Recently, we had a customer walk in and give us his pitch. The customer filled us in on the details of a new restaurant he was opening downtown. The restaurant’s name is Chandlers Steakhouse.

The owner explained his vision of an upscale restaurant and lounge with not only great food but also an amazing atmosphere that he wants to be one of the best dining experiences you cani have in Boise, Idaho. The owner let us know that he had seen our work and wanted Classic Design Studio to play a big part in the way his restaurant came together visually. Our team loves projects like this one. It wasn’t just the signage we were going to get to swing at, but interior architectural elements as well. With a project like this, everyone on the team gets a chance to dive in and get their uniform dirty.

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