Tip of the Week: Fine Art Applications

The Finer Side of Digital Printing
Artistic production using digital imaging technology.
By: Bonny Lhotka, Dorothy Simpson Krause and Karin Schminke
Digital Graphics Magazine

Since the advent of the digital age, artists have continued to discover new opportunities, techniques and audiences for their art. In this article we will visit my studio as well as those of my fellow artists Dorothy Simpson Krause and Karin Schminke. We are known collaboratively as the Digital Atelier.

Here we will share some recent projects to illustrate how fine artists benefit from the integration of digital imaging into their workflow. The first project is one I created for a one-person exhibit using a UV-curingi flatbed printeri. In the next one we’ll show how Dorothy employed the advantages of digital printing to create a unique artist book. And finally we’ll look at how Karin worked with an out-of-state client and art consultant to develop a custom image for an installation.

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