Tip of the Week: Improving Your Shop's Computer Performance

Minor tweaks to your computer can help speed things up all over your shop.
By Gregory Daerr, Sign & Digital Graphics

Being a sign maker these days almost always means many hours in front of a computer. If you’re directly involved in production and/or graphic design, this is all but assured. How many hours have you wasted staring at progress bars? Software used in our trade requires a lot of RAM, hard drive space and, especially, a fast CPU for best performance.

And while it’s still true that sign software can put extreme demands on our computers, we also have come a long way with advances in technology over the years, as well. Not to mention, prices these days have gotten lower than ever for decent computing hardware. Because most RIPs are designed on the windows platform, this month I would like to discuss some ways to change some of your windows settings in order to tease just a bit more performance from your current hardware, and I also would like to give some advice to those considering purchasing new computers.

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