Tip of the Week: Mural Repair

By Mardeen Gordon, Sign & Digital Graphics

Repairing a hand-painted triptych canvas is an exercise in sewing and color matching.

How often do we get a chance to work on something that we are uniquely suited for, even passionate about, and get paid for it? I recently was blessed with just such an opportunity, and the experience was every bit as satisfying as you might expect.

The seed was planted in 1979 when a group of Latino artists calling themselves the Tortuga Patrol began actively spreading their talent around the Santa Cruz County area as part of the California Chicano movement. One of their members, Ralph D’Oliviera, who also happens to be a sign maker, painted an 8' x 12' triptych canvas mural depicting farm workers among a bounty of fresh fruit and vegetables spilling out of a cornucopia.

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