Tip of the Week: Obtaining Sign Permits

Sign Permits
The Who-What-When-Where-Why-How of obtaining a sign permit.
By Mardeen Gordon

It’s probably not the first thing that crosses your mind when a client walks in and asks for an estimate on signs for their business, but at some point during the negotiations, the subject of permits should be brought up. It’s almost certainly not the signmaker’s or the client’s favorite part of the process, but both need to know the legal requirements and the consequences if they are ignored.

Even small towns and unincorporated areas are regulated by City or County agencies, interested in maintaining the safety and cohesive image of the community. Granted, they are more concerned with major construction projects than with Mom & Pop’s Mercantile, but if given the opportunity, planners would like to put their stamp of approval on every improvement visible to the general public.

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